Giving yourself permission

Today I am giving myself permission to just be.

This profession can drain you of every last drop of energy, interest and enthusiasm. We spend our working days caring for others often putting our own physical and emotional needs to the side, always putting the women and families we care for before ourselves. And so it is important to be kind to ourselves when we have time off.

But how many of us do?

This life is so full of demands on our time, our energy and ourselves. We have so little time off, so we fill those days with to-do lists, busy-ness and trying to achieve as much as we can.

However, this habit of keeping our minds busy can often lead to overwhelm and lack of focus, resulting in never reaching the end of the to-do list, never achieving all the things we set out to achieve and going back to work without feeling rested and refreshed which can worsen the feeling of overwhelm and guilt.

You know that feeling of peace and clarity you can have when you are on holiday? That clear-headed feeling when often we come up with new ideas and realisations about where we want to go in our lives. That feeling you wish you could bottle and take home with you. That feeling is a result of removing ourselves from the to-do list, the daily grind, and allowing ourselves to simply be, allowing our minds to be still and let in ideas.

I'm not saying we should all spend our days off sitting around doing nothing. We have busy lives; families to care for and many other things to fill our spare time and we can't expect life to be one big holiday outside of work.

However there are some things we can do to help quiet the mind and slow down.

First and foremost is giving ourselves permission to "be".

I read somewhere the quote (and I forget who said it) " we are human beings not human doings" and this just about sums it up.

Spending a little time every day being rather than doing.

Tearing up the to-do list once in a while and taking a walk in nature instead.

Switching your mobile phone to airplane mode for a couple of hours and enjoying the clarity of not looking at notifications as they pop up.

Meeting a friend for coffee and a chat.

Listening to a meditation app

Playing with a pet.

Anything that brings you joy.

I had a tough shift yesterday.

Today I'm giving myself permission to be a human being and just be.

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