Curve balls


Life has a horrible habit of dealing them.

The little, annoying and hardly world altering ones-

the full nappy as you're just leaving the house, late again

the full-on snotty, hacking-coughed cold that decides to make an appearance the minute you get to your holiday destination

the massive spot on your nose which no matter how much concealer you use, still shines like a beacon in your holiday photos

And then there's the more life-changing, plan-changing curve-balls, which can take the rug out from under our feet and unsettle us. The ones which throw us into a state of panic, and take away our peace.

Hypnobirthing often has the reputation of planning for a calm, pain-free, non-interventionist birth, one where a serene and calm-looking mum births her baby in a few intense, but controlled hours in a birth pool, surrounded by twinkling fairy lights and affirmations pinned up all around, a supportive partner massaging her back and gentle whale music in the background.

But, what if the curve-ball is dealt?

The home-birth becomes a need for transferring to hospital?

The water-birth is no longer possible as the pregnancy is now deemed too "high-risk?

The baby has always been head down decides at the last minute to turn into a breech position?

The word "induction" is mentioned and page 5 in your long thought-out birth plan specifically says no induction

How do we deal with the curve-balls which will undoubtedly be dealt, whether small and niggly, or huge and terrifying?

Well, first of all, breathe...

take on board this new situation and stop, breathe, absorb.

We can often put undue and unecessary pressure on ourselves to be perfect- the perfect home, the perfect relationship, the perfect Christmas, the perfect birth.

But what if we change the emphasis? What if, instead of perfect, we aim for positive? Suddenly the emphasis is altered, the feeling that you have somehow failed or not lived up to expectations is avoided. And suddenly YOU have control, you can prepare yourself for all eventualities.

Positive, not perfect.

Birth preferences, not birth plan.

Hypnobirthing techniques, contrary to some opinions, are not just for those hoping for a totally natural birth. Quite the contrary, the more intervention, the more the techniques can help to calm, focus and create a positive birth. Positive rather than perfect.

So, if and when those curve-balls come-stop, breathe, focus, and lean on the techniques you have learned and practiced

over and over so that they have become a part of you. Write down your fears and concerns, and write your own positive affirmations in response to these concerns, affirmations which are unique and specific to you.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, when the curve-ball is dealt, you have all you need to turn it around.

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