Wise woman packages

Pregnancy relaxation classes

This is a four week course.

Held in the beautiful Space fitness and wellbeing yoga studio, Burley-in-Wharfedale.

Each class includes breathing techniques, Guided relaxations, visualisation and hypnobirthing techniques.

Cost £40 for four week course.

Private pregnancy relaxation sessions

Bespoke pregnancy relaxation sessions in the comfort of your own home designed specifically for you.

Cost £35 per session

Private hypnobirthing course

Held in the comfort of your own home, these classes are ideal if you would like a bespoke course which is tailored specifically to your own needs. Consists of 10 hours which can be split into 4 classes of 2.5 hours each or 2 classes of 5 hours each.

Cost £350 per couple

Group hypnobirthing course

Group courses are good if you would like to meet other couples and share the experience. These consist of 10 hours teaching split into either four 2.5 hour sessions or two 5 hour sessions.

Cost £250 per couple

Refresher course

Done a course before and just want a refresher? No problem! We can structure a couple of sessions around what you want to cover. You can always add a session later if you want. Individual sessions of 2.5 hours are £100

Hypnobirthing for caesarian section

If you are having a planned caesarian section, hypnobirthing can be extremely helpful to keep you calm and relaxed throughout your birth. Includes other strategies and suggestions to help make your csection a positive and natural experience. This is a four hour session which can be divided into two sessions held in your own home.

Cost £150 per couple

Hypnobirthing for VBAC (Vaginal birth after a caesarian)

If you have previously had a caesarian section and are planning on having a vaginal birth this time, the hypnobirthing for VBAC package will give you all the knowledge and tools to approach your birth with confidence and positivity. Held in your own home this course is four hours long and can be split into two sessions.

Cost £150 per couple

VIP package

This is an extra special package for those wishing to have the ultimate in birth and parenting preparation. Includes a 10 hour hypnobirthing course, a further 2 hour refresher, all course materials, Yesmum affirmation cards for pregnancy, Yesmum affirmation cards for motherhood, a 2 hour Preparation for breastfeeding session, a two hour baby care session, a baby massage session at your home once baby is 4-6 weeks old and full access to me via email, Skype or phone up until your baby is born.

Cost £500 per couple